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commas and wrapping fileds


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I am trying to fix two problems within one text frame so bear with me.


First problem I need commas only seperating populated fileds

these are all in a line like this on doc. but I want there only to be a comma after populated fields (ie add2 isn't always populated)

<comp> <add1> <add2> <csz> <phone>


the second thing I am trying to do here is if the line is two long to wrap down, but to not break the field when it wraps. currently I am getting some where half of the phone is on the top and half is on the bottom.


thanks, Jessica

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Try something like this (see the comments for what to customize for your job):

function AddFieldsToArray()
   var a = new Array;
   for (var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++)
           if (Field(arguments[i]))
       catch (e)

   return a;

// Your field names go here:
var array = AddFieldsToArray("comp", "add1", "add2", "csz", "phone");

// If you're using FusionPro 6.0 or later, simply replace the frame name here.
// If you're using a version before 6.0, you'll need to hard-code the width instead.
var FrameWidthHundPts = FindTextFrame("MyFrameName").GetSettableTextWidth();

// Change this to the desired font and size.
var tags = '<f name="Arial"><z newsize=20>';

var TM = new FusionProTextMeasure;
TM.maxWidth = FrameWidthHundPts;
for (var fields = array.length; fields > 0; fields--)
   var line1 = tags + "\n" + NormalizeEntities(array.slice(0, fields).join(","));
   var line2 = NormalizeEntities(array.slice(fields).join(","));
   if (TM.messages)
       ReportError("Error measuring text: " + TM.messages);
   if (TM.textLines < 2)
       return line1 + (line2 ? ("\n<br>\n" + line2) : "");

ReportError("Can't fit any fields on the line!");

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