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Font Color from Field Value Within a Span


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I'd like to change the font color of some text using the value of a field. The field value is the same as the color named defined in FusionPro. Basically, I'm trying to shortcut having to write a couple of lines of code for each color.


I've approached it thinking I could write a text rule:

return '<span color=Field("Inside Text Color")>' + Field("Optional Top Message");


But it doesn't seem to be picking up the value of the Inside Text Color field. So, I tried this:


var textColor = Field("Inside Text Color");
return '<span color=textColor>' + Field("Optional Top Message");


But that didn't work either. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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var textColor = Field("Inside Text Color");
return '<span color="' + textColor + '">' + Field("Optional Top Message");

Or just:

return '<span color="' + Field("Inside Text Color")+ '">' + Field("Optional Top Message");

Although, to make sure markup characters in the data are handled correctly:

return '<span color="' + TaggedDataField("Inside Text Color")+ '">' + TaggedDataField("Optional Top Message");

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