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Even Vertical Spacing,


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What would be the best way to vertically space 3 elements where element 1 needs to touch the top of the text area, element 3 needs to touch the bottom of the area, and the element in the middle is spaced evenly between the baseline of the first and begenning of the last. Ideally the TOP will expand once the size gets too tight to space the middle element, but not shrink beyond a "minimum" height.


______________________________ TOP
[Element 1]
 >Variable Line 1
 >Variable Line 2
                    ....> Even Spacing n

[Element 2]
 >Variable Line 3
 >Variable Line 4
 >Variable Line 5
 >Variable Line 6
                    ....> Even Spacing n

[Element 3]
 >Variable Line 7
 >Variable Line 8
 >Variable Line 9
______________________________ BOTTOM


Is this something a table might be suited for?


Do I maybe do a textMeasure and programatically apply spacing after or before; or line-height for those gaps for even spacing?



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Yeah, I think text measurement is the way to go here. Measure each of the three blocks of text with the FusionProTextMeasure object, then add up the total height of all three, subtract that total from the height of the frame, and divide that in half to get your "n", then set the leading on the lines in between each block to that "n" value.
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