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OpenType Font Not Appearing in Preview or Composition


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I'm attempting to use bold and italic styles of the Century OpenType font (Century (TrueType), CENTURY.TTF), and when I open the text editbox, the text appears using the correct font styles. However, when I close the text editbox, the Acrobat preview shows only base Century and underlined text, but will not show Century bold or italic. There is only one font file for it in my Windows\Fonts folder.


Is there something I can do to so that FusionPro will display the bold and italic styles of Century correctly? Thanks in advance.


I'm using FusionPro 5.1P1d with Acrobat 6.0 in Windows XP.

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If you do a full composition, instead of just a preview, do you see any messages about that font in your log (.msg) file? You probably don't have all the styles of that font installed. The Rich Text Editor will "fake" missing bold and italic styles of a font family, but you need an actual instance of the font installed in that particular style (face) in order to use it in a composition.


So, to fix this problem, you will need to either (a) modify your job to not invoke the "missing" styles of the font, (b) install all the relevant styles, or © use a different font with all relevant styles included.


See this thread for more explanation of how FusionPro handles "families" of fonts.

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