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setup for printer

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I'll have to keep looking.



FusionPro > Manage Pages > Page Usage - select the page & click Edit > Finish Settings... > select > load and edit


isn't an option in the dinosaur version I'm stuck with

In the older version, you can set Page Media for PostScript and VDX with the menu item FusionPro -> Advanced -> Page Media. But I highly recommend upgrading to a newer version of FusionPro which supports JDF.

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In the Page Media dialog, is the command file like a ppd file or is it something completely different?

Something completely different. It's a PostScript file with, well, PostScript commands, specifically to change trays. If you don't know PostScript, that's not really going to help you. VDX Page Media is a lot easier. But you really should upgrade to a newer version of FusionPro so that you can use JDF.

I don't think the slip sheet option would work because I don't know how many pages I would be using after the first page.

I don't think David was suggesting that you use a slip sheet. I think he was just pointing you to the information about the Advanced -> Page Media dialog.

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I am a n00b but may have a solution. What printer are you sending to? I have modified an Indigo PPD which works well for my specific solution. Under Manage Pages - Page Usage - Finish Settings attach the PPD and select only Media Type. It does not have to match your media exactly. Use different Media Types for each page you want to pull from different trays. Write the file as Postscript without imposition. The FPI seems to eliminate all but the first selected media type. I have this working to the Oce also. If this sounds like the right track I can attach a sample file and PPD.


Hope it helps.




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