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vps makes blanks


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First job using FusionPro.

Indesign CS3 to Acrobat 7 (and 8).

When I compose a vps file (single or multiple) and send it over to Creo IC-304 rip on a KM 6500 I only get a document full of blank pages.

What am I missing?:confused:


A pdf worked, it took forever and was huge but it worked.


I really need to get the vps to work.

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Whenever you are composing to any postscript based output such as VPS, you ALWAYS want to ensure that your artwork of your piece, i.e. graphics, logos, are flattened prior to creating the PDF to eliminate any rasterization or downsampling of these elements. Check your PDF presets to ensure that they are set optimally.

From my initial analysis, it appears to be a problem in "How" the pdf was created.

The Indesign PDF presets should have settings with emphasis in Transparency Flattening, No Downsampling, High Quality.

If you are composing to a PDF output, then this would not be an issue. However, when composing to the ppml or any other postscript based

format, we need to ensure that the pdf generated from the design program have these settings applied prior to export with FusionPro.

Having said that, have the user select in Indesign the following options:

File>>PDF Export Presets>>Define.

Compression: Automatic

Set the "Color Images" to "No Downsampling", Quality set to "High"

Under enable "Transparency Flattening".

This should correct the problem. You can also choose to use the "PDF Optimizer" tool in Acrobat(Professional) which will allow them to specify

these settings as well using Adobe Distiller.

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Thanks for the info, but it appears that the Creo rip is the problem. Our Konica Minolta tech and a Creo tech have installed software patches. Hopefully this will fix the problem with vps files. Thanks.
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