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Table text alignment

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This is a bug in the older version of FusionPro that you're using. The table alignment is wrong when the table flows to a new frame (either another Body page frame in the flow or an Overflow page frame).


You can work around the problem by using Legacy Leading. Edit the text in any of your text frames, and in the Text Editor dialog, click Paragraph, then Global Settings, and check the Legacy Leading box.


(We have a fix so that the table alignment is correct with the "new" [non-legacy] leading mode in a build of FusionPro 9.3 that's still in QA testing.)


Also, instead of manually figuring out in the rule where to repeat the header rows on each new page, you can let FusionPro figure that out for you. Just mark the first row or two in the table as headers in the row tag ("<row type=header>"), and they will be put at the top of each new page automatically.

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Both things work. Is there a way to do a footer that would print on every page except the last one?

Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to do that. What you can do is put a frame somewhere else on the page with something like "Page «$pagenum» of«$pagecount»".

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