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Changing the Gutter size in FP Imposer without changing the bleed?


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This is a rather simple question and I've seen similar posts by searching but not one this easy especially for those that have been using FP Imposer for awhile….(I'm still new at it.) Here it is….I'm imposing a postcard 6x11" 3up on a 12.5 x 19" sheet with full bleed. What I want to do is keep my 1/8" bleed but have 1/8" gutters. I don't see any way of doing it in FP Imposer without decreasing my bleed to 1/16". I can't go to a 1/4" gutter otherwise it won't fit on the sheet for our digital press at 3up. Is this even possible and if so, how? Thank You!
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If your art has 1/8" bleed, then the gutter is going to be 1/4". How do you intend on keeping the 1/8" bleed on all 3 pieces if there is only a 1/8" gutter to put the bleed? If you want 1/8" gutters the bleed needs to be set to 1/16" so that both fit.


That being said, the imposition you described should fit with 1/4" gutters. In the "Layout" tab, have you made sure that the "Spacing" is set to 0"? That value is additional to any bleed you've specified in the file. So, setting 1/8" in bleed automatically gives you a 1/4" gutter – 1/4" "spacing" (FPImposer's default) will effectively make the gutter 1/2" and cause the imposition to not fit on the sheet.

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With your bleeds set to 1/8", In Imposer, under the Step and Repeat section, if you set your spacing to 0, you'll get the two bleeds abutting, which gives you the 1/4" that doesn't allow the crop marks to print in your 19" of available space.

If you set spacing to -.06 you'll wind up with a 3/16" gutter, but Imposer overlaps one card over the next. So, one card will have 1/8" but the other only 1/16".

If you set spacing to -.125 you'll wind up with the 1/8" spacing you're looking for, but it will only work if your bleeds match, as one card will have no bleeds at all along the bottom edge, as it will be overlapped by the succeeding card.


I usually use the -.06 for 6x11 full bleed cards, you just have to watch your alignment off the printer.

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