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Repeating OnRecordStart Script

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For each template that we create we are adding an OnRecordStart rule that sets the quantity to print for each record from a field in the data base. What I would like to know is if there is a way to set this up as a global rule or function so I don't have to keep copying and pasting it at template creation. I couldn't find anything in the documentation which indicated how to create a callback rule, just text or graphics.



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What version of FusionPro are you running? What version OS are you running FP on?


There are ways to do this. If you want to import all of the rules from one template to another, you could do so when you're linking to you data file:

  • FusionPro > Data Definition > Wizard...
  • Import a data source from another document
  • Find the .def file of the template that contains the rules you want to import
  • Navigate "back" to link to another data file (if they are different)


If you only want the OnRecordStart rule to import, delete all rules except the OnRecordStart rule, collect the job (FusionPro>Collect...), save the .def file it creates somewhere handy, and follow the above steps.

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