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I have a few products that where the outputted PDF gets sent to a vendor for production. The vendor requires that all type be converted to outlines, does anyone know if there is a way to convert the variable text generated by FusionPro to outlines?
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Thanks for the response. Do you know how I can accomplish this? I thought it would be in the composition settings. I see postscript as an output option, however I don't see an option to outline the type.

It's not an option available in the UI in FP Desktop/Creator. It's enabled via a setting in the CFG file for an FP Server composition. You need to compose to PDF and, at a minimum, add these two lines to the CFG file:


You may also find the CFG settings IMG_Output_StartPage, IMG_Output_NumberOfPages, IMG_Output_SuppressPDF, IMG_Output_PDFBoundingBox, and IMG_Output_BaseFileName useful.

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