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Imposing Part of a Template

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I want to create a template that will create an imposed print file from its first to pages (which make up a folding card) and a non-imposed print file from the third page (the accompanying envelope). That way our clients don't have to create and order two different products.


Is this possible?

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by you mention of ordering 2 Products, I will assume this is uploaded to MarcomCentral. There are a few possible roadblocks to the imposition inquiry, mainly the fact that the Dashboard or Distribution will not generate 2 separate outputs.


You may be able to take the output composition and compose it through FusionPro a second time to accomplish the imposition, but I will leave that to the User Community.


The easiest solution, assuming this pertains to MarcomCentral, is to create both the card and envelope Products and combine them into a Kit. Each Product would be versioned individually, yet they would be ordered together, then output individually.


Hope this helps

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