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I'm working on a real estate yard sign and they want to optimize space if an email is not added to the sign. Everything is static except for three fields (Agent name, Phone Number, and Email) and all of these are included in one text box. If the agent does not want their email included in the sign our client would like the name and phone number to expand to to fill the text box, however when I select the over flow option and then adjust text to fit>allow text to expand to fill it actually shrinks all my text. What am I doing wrong here?
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Check your settings in your OnCopyfit rule. That rule sets limits on the minimum and maximum point sizes it will allow in your frames with copy fitting applied as well as magnification mins and maxes. If your text shrinks when you turn on "expand to fill," it's likely that your text was already out of those bounds:

if (!Copyfit(new MagnifyAttributes("text", 25, 400, 5, 72)))
       	ReportWarning("Could not copyfit text in flow " + 


The above copyfit rule allows the text to shrink down to 5pt but will not allow it to exceed 72pt. In addition to that, it allows the text to shrink down to 25% of the original size and will allow the text to grow to 400% of the original size (assuming that none of the other limits are reached). So, if your text is set to, for example, 80pt the copyfit rule will change it to 72pt. You'll just have to edit those values to fit your specific needs.

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If your frame consists of a combo of static and variable text, you might consider placing the variable text into it's own frame. Often times the static content might have paragraph settings or even carriage returns may cause the text to be adjusted to fit the frame. With the variable text in it's own frame, you can control it better without any affect on the static text.
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Sorry I have not responded I have been out of the office. Still trying to find a solution for this though... I have attached a screen shot this time. I put each variable field in it's own text box, as you suggested, but still can not figure out how to expand the name and phone number fields to fill the entire red space if the email(the bottom text box) is empty.


Thanks for all you help!




Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.27.50 AM.pdf

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I assume this is what you want to see: Expand to fill screenshot.

A few things to address:

1) Ignore my suggestion about placing them into individual frames and just keep it in one.

2) Make sure your font scaling allows the text to expand like "Step" suggested above in the OnCopyFit rule.

3) Make sure the optional field(s) are set to "Suppress if empty" in the paragraph settings - you only mentioned email, but if there are others do the same.

4) Each field in the box should be set to "Do Not Break on Copyfit" in the paragraph settings.


That should result in what you see in the screen shot.


Hope this helps

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