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Function not working

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Here is how i want my returned text to look:


Joshua Seymour, PH.D: 918.345.4567, seymoujd@nsuok.com



I have two contact lines so i created a function globals. It looks like this:


function contactInfo(nAme,cred,phone,email)
   var namCred="";
   var info="";

   if (cred=""){
       namCred=nAme+", "+cred+": ";

   if (email=""){
   }else if(phone=""){
       info=phone+", "+email;

   var contact=namCred+info;

   return contact;



my rule looks like this:


return contactInfo(Field("Name 1"),Field("Credentials 1"),Rule("Rule Phone 1 Format"),Field("Email 1"));


None of the fields are blank but the function returns this:




Why doesn't it work?

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The equality operator in JavaScript is two equal signs. One equal sign is the assignment operator.


So this line:

    if (cred=""){

Should be:

    if (cred==""){

Or simply:

    if (!cred){

And likewise for the other "if" conditions.


Of course, this logic can be reduced in several ways. Here's how I would write the function:

function contactInfo(name,cred,phone,email)
   return [ [name,cred].filter(String).join(", "), [phone,email].filter(String).join(", ") ].join(": ");

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