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Fusion Pro multiple records


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Hi, new to the Forum.

Currently using Fusion Pro Desktop, where upon I am trying to produce a journal consisting of profiles for various people on the same page. I cannot see a way to get the variable data to flow from one profile to another on the page (2 columns, 3 profiles in each, 6 to view on page) without first creating one profile and treating this as a page(record) and then imposing this 6 to view or saving as a batch (don't have Fusio Pro Server anyway) and going down this route.

There must be an easier way, or am I missing something?



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Hi. I think you might have better luck if you post this in the forum for 'FP Desktop' rather than 'Getting Started.' It will get more views that way.


I seem to recall an example in the user manual for doing something like your requesting. If I can find it, I will post back.


In the meantime, would it work to create a template for a single record (one block of user info, say a 3x3 inch square) and then use FP Imposer to impose that single record 6-up on a larger page?

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