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Jagged output of static elements


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Hello, I am creating a merge file with data on both sides of a sheet saving in .vps format. I now get jagged output on my static elements even type. If I examine this output it appears that the static elements are flattened to a bitmapped image thus creating halftones on my previous crisp type. All my type set by fusion is correct.


We used to run into this problem just occasionally on our Konica 7000 with Creo RIP. We have upgraded to a Konica 1100 with a Fiery RIP and now the issue seems constant.


If I output to PDF then our prints look fine, but then we are loosing our VDP format advantage, RIP times become unbearable.


Files are being created from MAC OSX 10.9.4 FusionPro Creator 9.3.6 Acrobat Pro ver 11.0.10.


I really like Fusion Pro and need a way to keep using it.

Thank you for any help in advance.

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