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Font Family Management


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Hello, I am trying come up with a better way to manage my fonts and how FusionPro sees them. My issues is, I was designing a variable business card that needed Helvetica Neue Medium and Helvetica Neue Light. When I was in the Variable Text Editor I only got the Helvetica Neue Font Family. When composed it used my Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, when I used bold, it would use Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed. Crazy how many variations of one font can live in a Font Family!


I am looking for advice on Font Family Management in FusionPro. I downloaded a trail version of TransType and just renamed the fonts to get them out of the Helvetica Neue Font Family. Is there an easier way to do this? Am I doing something wrong? What methods do you use to make sure you are using the correct font?


I am looking into Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6. Any advice on this piece of software or is there some software you would recommend?


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Window 7, FusionPro VDP Creator 8.2.7, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional

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It's not clear exactly what advice you're looking for. What exactly are you wanting to happen? How specifically do you want FusionPro to handle the fonts differently than it does now?


FusionPro does use font families on Windows, as most other Windows apps do. This might help clear things up:


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I too get a bit confused sometimes when fonts are used not as expected. In order to get Univers Bold I would normally think that I could just bold the Univers Roman font and get it. SURPRISE...Univers Bold in FusionPro is actually the bolded font Univers Light. If you bold Univers Roman in FusionPro you get Univers Heavy.


To get around this and to really determine how FusionPro sees certain fonts that might be a bit confusing before I start a project - especially when I'm using a large variety within a specific family for "Corporate Identity" reasons - I will go into InDesign and type out a single sentence and duplicate it a number of time. Then I change each sentence into a different font using all the various flavors that I might need during this project...Regular, Bold, Italics, Bold-Italics, Heavy, etc...


Then I simply export that document into FusionPro and look at how it interpreted each font. I may be a bit of a pain but you will get an exact match. Also if certain fonts did not fully load into FusionPro for some reason...this will also show you which ones and not available so you can stay away from them.


It's a bit of a sledge-hammer approach, but I hope this wil help you.


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If you're having issues with specific fonts, we would like to be able to analyze them. However, posting fonts here on this public forum would almost certainly violate their licensing terms. The way we can help is for you to contact FusionProSupport@PTI.com. Support can provide you with a secure FTP site where you can upload your fonts, as well as your fonts.ini and fonts.err files, along with any other information that may be needed.
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