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Error when closing Acrobat


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I'm using Acrobat Pro 10.1.13 and FP 9.3.9 on Win 7 x64 and every time I close Acrobat , i got en error message: Acrobat stopped working.


We got several licences with my colleagues, and all of us are affected.

This issue is only linked to FP, as it didn't occur before installing FP and stops appearing when FP is uninstalled.

When several PDFs are opened, it's only the last one that causes the issue.

At the same time, some PC have other Adobe plug-in which don't cause any trouble when closing acrobat.

Is there any setting or fixes for this issue ?


Best regards,

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Hi Alex,


it took a while to make the test.


But it didn't change anything.


There is one thing I noticed:

1) I reinstalled FP only with run as administrator

2) during a smal period of time : 10 minutes , during this period of time, I tested , opened & closed different files 4 to 5 and no message appeared.

3) then the problem came back without any other modification to the system.

Now for all docs on this PC, I got an error every time i close Acrobat.


Best regards,

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