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Table width exceeds column width; table may set outside frame.

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I'm getting a series of these errors in my composition log which seem to indicate there is a problem with my tables.


returnStr += '<table columns="6" title="Top" alignment="right" shadestyle="by:row;first:1,Gray,75;next:1,White,0" margins="left:0;top:0;bottom:30;right:0" >';

returnStr += '<column width="10000">';

returnStr += '<column width="6000">';

returnStr += '<column width="5800" >';

returnStr += '<column width="10000">';

returnStr += '<column width="24000">';

returnStr += '<column width="5000">';


Does anyone know what this Error Means?

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Well, it's actually a warning message, not an error per se. It means that the combined width of the table (the sum of the widths of all the columns) is greater than the width of the text frame into which you're setting it. (Well, actually, the width of the column in the text frame, since text frames can be set to have multiple columns, but presumably you're setting the table into a single-column frame. Also, the width of any border or text inset is subtracted from the width of the frame to get the "effective" width that text can be set into.)


In this case, the widths of all the columns in your table add up to 60800, in hundredths of points, or 608 points, where there are 72 points in an inch, so your table is a little over 8.4 inches wide. If you try to set that 8.4 inch wide table into a frame that's less than 8.4 inches wide, you'll get the warning message in question.

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