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Replace an 'italic ampersand' with a 'regular ampersand.'


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Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to replace an 'italic ampersand' with a 'regular ampersand.' I'm not sure how to create a rule to do this...


They both are the same ascii code (38). The 'regular ampersand' does exists within the italic font but the glyph ids are different (GID:9 GID:443). Not sure if that helps but I feel like it is a step in the right direction since the ascii code is the same.


I can't just replace the font format from italic to regular as this will not produce the regular ampersand on a slight slant.


I'm using Fusion Pro Creator 9.3.6 and this will be in a template uploaded to MarcomCentral.


Anyone have ideas?

Happy Friday!


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You can't do that, at least not directly. See my post about InDesign's alternate glyph access here:



It's possible that the font offers a unique code point in the Private Use range that you can use instead. But hard to know without having the font to look at. However, please DO NOT post the font files here on this public forum, as doing so would almost certainly violate the font's license. You can always contact Support.


Anyway, to me, the "regular" ampersand in your screen shot looks an awful lot like the ampersand in Arial, so I would probably just switch to that font.

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I'm unable to access your post about InDesign's alternate glyph access... I did request access yesterday morning.

Oh, sorry, I didn't even realize that other thread was in the MarcomCentral forum. (The question had nothing to do with MarcomCentral anyway.) I've moved it to the "Formatting Text" forum, so you should be able to see it.

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