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PS Typecheck Errors

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Hi all, I have searched the forum for our particular issue with no luck so I am posting to see if anyone else has run into this? We upgraded to Mac Version 9.3.6 recently and now when i output to a PPML file that we upload into EFI Command Workstation 5.6 for printing I get a PS Typecheck error, offending command "VDPCache_RunElement"-PPML job-doc-page: 1-1-1 error? Any Ideas as to what may be causing this? I tried messing with the output options for PPML with no luck. This may be a EFI issue but wanted to check with you all first.


Thanks, Rick

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Hi Wrenchmaster, we got an update to Fusion VDP Creator from Tech support which didn't work initially, after lots of trial and error I found some success by uninstalling Fusion, cleaning out font caches, rebooting into safe mode, re-installing the new fusion update and I got a PPML to print without PS Errors. I am still having some issues with the PPML output mostly how the file is printing? Odd stuff that I have not seen in previous versions? I did find that the VPS option does work with our Fiery, used it a couple times with good results. Please let me know if you find out any better info on the subject. Thanks
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