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Emailing Formatting with Graphic


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I have a font that uses a very unique style for the "@" symbol which my client likes. The only problem is that this symbol does not appear in the standard ASCI keyboard - it can only be accessed using the Glyph menu in InDesign.

I've read over other post from people with similar problems, but unfortunately their solutions (usually requiring replacing the symbol with one from another font file or creating a completely new font file using a font building program) will not work for me. So here is my idea...


Would it be possible to use an Inline Graphic to replace the @ symbol? In other words, I've created an .EPS file of the required symbol and it is exactly the size required. My thought was to somehow read the supplied email address, and replace the @ symbol with my EPS file, but have the rest of the email address use the required font.


Is this possible? If so, what would the code for the Rule look like?

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