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QR codes in DSF


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Maybe this is not a topic for this forum, but I'll give it a shot:


In FusionPro I created a template for a business card with a QR-code on it. Because the QR-code has to be green, I used the text-variant, using this code


var EncodingMode = "String";
var ErrorCorrectionMode = "L";
var PreferredFormat = "0";
var PointSize = "4";
var NoFontTag = false;
var Font = "IDAutomation2D";
var ProcessTilde = false;

var FieldOrRuleToEncode =

   "N:"  +Field("Achternaam") + ";" + Field("Voornaam")  + "\n"+
   "ADR;TYPE=WORK:"+ ";;" + Rule("getStraat") + ";" + Rule("getStraatPostcode") + ";;"
                           + Rule("getStraatPlaats") + ";" + Rule("getStraatLand")+"\n"+
   "ADR;TYPE=OTHER:"+ ";;" + Rule("getPostbus") + ";" + Rule("getPostbusPostcode") + ";;"
                           + Rule("getPostbusPlaats") + ";" + Rule("getPostbusLand")+"\n"+
   "TEL;TYPE=cell:"+ Field("Mobiel")+"\n"+
   "TEL;TYPE=work:"+ Field("tel. Werk")+"\n"+
   "TEL;TYPE=fax:"+ Field("Fax werk")+"\n"+
   "EMAIL;TYPE=WORK:"+ Field("E-mail")+"\n"+
   "URL:"+ Field("URL")+"\n"+
   "ORG:" + Rule("getBusiness")+"\n"+
   "TITLE:"+ Field("Functie")+"\n"+

//return FieldOrRuleToEncode;
var DataToEncode = FieldOrRuleToEncode;
return MakeQRBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde,
         EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat,
         PointSize, NoFontTag, Font);


There is a drop-down menu so the customer can pick his address which is filled out automatically. That's why there are "+rule" in this code.


Offline this works great. But when I create a template, upload it to DSF and generate a business card in DSF, I can't read the QR-code anymore.


Maybe this is related to the character-set?

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It's hard to say without, at the very least, seeing the data from both the off-line and DSF compositions to compare them. Can you add a line like this before the "return" line?


And then post the log (.msg) file from each composition?


Or at least set that raw data as text, and post the output from each?

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