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Why is Fusion Pro Dropping decimals?


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I have a simple xls (tried csv too) file with a number value in it that has two decimal points (dollar value with cents) and when I import the file into fusion pro, it drops the decimal point and decimals. I've tried formatting the text as general/text/currency and none of those work. If I go to edit the fields it shows there the same way.


Also in the same documents, I had some fields show up truncated after a certain amount of words with the copyfit turned on. I thought there might be a limit, but I have other fields with a lot more words that work fine. so I'm lost there too.


Anyone have issues like these before and solved them?




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I was using 9.3+ and the excel file. I still can't figure out why it would disregard the decimals. even with those cells formatted as either general/text/currency etc..


I got it to work by making a csv and using the wizard to replace the file instead of "change input file" in the menu.

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