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Rule for In-line graphic


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I was wondering is there a rule I can use to apply to a letter with a signature image that moves up or down depending on the random letter content?

I need it to be in the actual text box as a link because the content is from a list that has random content and I can't predict how it will move. I don't want to have to create another column field in the list for it either.


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You can return a graphic image to a text frame if you want to control its alignment with the text in the frame.

You can use an inline graphic tag. This can return an image to a text frame.

Add all the graphic signature images as resources, i.e. jpg, png, tiff…etc..

Make a text Rule. Click “Create Rules>>>New(Text)>>>Empty Rule”.

Check the box for “Treat Return Stings As Tagged Text”.

Enter this script and modify as needed:

return ‘<graphic file=\"'+ Field("signature") + ".tif\" height = “14400 width = “10000”>’;

Usage: <graphic file="name" width="width" height="height"> More Info see: Tag Reference Guide

The width is in points and is defined as hundredths of a point. If you need to specify the height too, you can also do that. There is information about this in the Tags Reference Guide on page 45 (Graphic Tag Inside Story Tag section) which also works in rules too and does not need to be in a story tag (for tagged data).

Now insert this Rule from the “Variable” drop box where the signature will appear.

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