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Font Issues in Yosemite?


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Anyone else having font issues with Yosemite?


I have both FrutigerNext LT Bold and Bold Italic activated as both are used in the same template. No matter how many times I apply FrutigerNext LT Bold, as soon as I close the text editor, it's converting everything to the Bold Italic version.


I need to deactivate Bold Italic in order for Bold to be applied. Yet this template uses both font formats.



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Thanks Dan. These are corporate fonts that I have used to build numerous templates through the years and never had issues with. It was only after I upgraded to Yosemite that the problems began so I automatically correlated the two.


I will take your advice and contact Support.


Thanks again for the response!

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Hi Lisa,

I am having very much the same kind of problems with fonts specifically in Fusion Pro when the very same fonts work perfectly fine in InDesign. I've done everything under the sun with the guidance of Support to resolve and still have the issue. I'm wondering if you have had any success?

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Hi there,


Unfortunately, no, I was not able to completely resolve. I un-installed and re-installed a few times and that worked once but it hasn't completely resolved the issue. My issue only seems to originate with fonts that were customized for a corporation so to get around this, I usually ask if they are okay with using a "standard" font as a substitute. Luckily I've been able to get away with this but I don't believe I will be able to continue along indefinitely with it.

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