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Business card Fitting long fields


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I hav been trying to get our business card template to work.

basically on the first line you have a"name" followed by "qualifications"

Some qualifications are quite long, so the first option was to drop down a line if it does not fit. this wrks well for most. But occasionally we have one that won't fit on the first line and will need to split correctly on a section line i.e. don't split a word.

Code we are using is

function NoBreak(s)


return "<p br=false hyphenate=false noparabreakoncopyfit=true>" + NormalizeEntities(s).replace(/ /g, " ");


return NoBreak(Field("Qualifications"));


What we get with really long field is


Bachelor of engineering Clas

s 2b Honours, Civil Engineering


I need to some how stop the splitting of the word


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It's hard to tell what's going on with the job just by looking at one rule and some output through a keyhole. Are you actually applying copyfitting to the frame? What copyfitting factors are you using in the OnCopyfit rule? Are there any messages about text not fitting or justification in the composition log (.msg) file? (You'll need to Compose the job, not just Preview it, to see the log.) Posting the job (or a minimal example to demonstrate the problem) may be worth a thousand words.
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Thanks for the reply

Full job attached.

No copy fitting as the client does not want any text resized.

The basic rule is if the qualification can't fit on the top line move to the next line down.

Unfortunately there are some user with very long qualifications that will also not fit on the second line without splitting.




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