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Issue with altered output file names (preprocessing related?)

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We are in the process of upgrading our server installs to v9.3.9 from v8.2.7. I've been running some parallel tests and have noticed an issue with the output file names. Under v9, whenever a job has some preprocessing, the resultant output file name has a "1" appended to it. We have not seen this behavior under v8. Nor do we see this under v9 when a job has no preprocessing.


It seems like the output file is actually being created twice. For example, if I already have a file "Sample.pdf" residing in the output folder and I run a new job that will compose "Sample.pdf", then under v8 the file gets deleted and the new file takes its place with the same name. Under v9 the file still gets deleted but the final output file that gets created is actually "Sample1.pdf". Even if the output file does not previously exist, the "1" is still appended to the file name. We specify the output file name in the command-line invocation but it is still being altered.


I'm attaching 2 "msg" files (extension changed to "txt" so I could upload) that show I'm using the same set of "cfg" and "dif" files for the preprocessing job.


So, is there a setting somewhere I can change for this? I don't see anything in the "cfg" for the template.



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