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text placement by number of lines


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I am new to the FusionPro forum. Hope all are well.


I'm looking for help setting up text frames for business cards where the number of lines of text will determine the placement of the text.


In one instance, a business card, there are up to three flush left lines of text and up to four lines of flush right text. However the right column of flush right text can go to five lines in which case the fifth line must be centered below the left and right columns of text, both of which then have to moved up to fit the fifth line centered below.


I've attached an image of the "before" to show what I need to fix.


Hopefully this is enough information to get some help.


Have a terrific weekend.




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This shouldn't be too hard. But it will be a lot easier to suggest a solution with at least some data to work with. Can you post a sample of the data? Even better would be to collect and post the job you have so far. An example of the "after" you're looking for would be helpful too (1 picture = 1000 words).
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Thanks for your reply. Yes I should have thought to also post image of the desired result. File name: HLS_BERKMAN_BC_1014-centered.jpg


I've also uploaded the template (which had been approved prior to the centering request) in a collect zip named: COLLECT_for_PTI_forum.zip


I will gladly provide additional information if it helps.


Thanks again.






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