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Vertical spacing for IMB


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Hello -


In creating a address block to fit a window envelope, I've run into an issue with too much space above the IM barcode, which is the last line. I'm using the IMB standard in 16pt; with 4 address lines the window fit is tight - 5 is too much.


Is there a way to move the barcode up, leaving as the last line in address and accommodate 4-5 variable address lines?







WinXP, Acrobat 9, FusionPro VDP Creator 8.0.20

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I also put my IMB in a separate box no matter if I need to put it above or below my mailing address.


Having the mailing address text in a separate box gives you much greater control over the spacing that can be used. I usually like to turn on the copyfit function for that text box but instead of having FusionPro change the point size of the characters to make it fit, I will change the copyfit function from "text" to "leading". Then I will make my address box just barely big enough to fit inside the window allowing for the tap-test tolerances. For the majority of most mailings when there are only 3 to 5 lines needed, the spacing looks quite normal and well spaced out. For those few occasions when there are 6 or more lines (had as much as 10 once and that didn't include the imb line as well) then only those few (usually 5-10% of the mailing) will look somewhat squished.


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Thank you for the replies and suggestions. I tried various combinations yesterday; had not previously used the copyfit function, it will work to provide some "compression" to more address than space available. Yet no matter what I tried could not get the excess space above the IMB to diminish, whether in a separate text frame or combined with the address block. I'm thinking that space may be some protect function of the font?

Does anyone else observe the same situation of excess space - an additional blank line really - above the IMB?


And, I put the IMB as last line since it cannot move out of the window area, no matter how it is tapped; have found that with it on the top line variations in folding & inserting can result in it being out of position. The copyfit function should work when there are variable lines of address to deal with.


Thank you!

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Tried that just now, and that does fix the issue, although the text truncated msg did appear, even though no text was visibly truncated.


Also found that by setting the leading to "absolute" 8pt the excess space on top is gone.


Thanks for your help!

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