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Setting a Max Font Size


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Below is the "OnCopyFit" rule activated when you check the box in the Overflow Options menu to Adjust text to fit and expand to fill


if (!Copyfit(new MagnifyAttributes("text", 25, 400, 6, 72)))

ReportWarning("Could not copyfit text in flow " +


The highlighted part of the rule displayed in red allows you to control the minimum and maximum for each adjustment.


25, 400 reflect the minimum and maximum percentage of adjustment; which by default shrinks text to 25% and expand to 400%


6, 72 reflect the font point size minimum and maximum adjustment; which by default shrinks to 6 pt and expand to 72 pt


The size is a backup to the percentage, so if 400% is above 72pt, it will not expand the size any further than 72 pt.


You can adjust these values as needed to meet your specific requirements; however, remember this is a global rule for any frame with Adjust text to fit and expand to fill checked.


Hope this helps!

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