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Copyfitting a line with tracking


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I'm making a business card that has 3 lines that need to copyfit. I'm using the CopyFitLine function and it works fine, however I need to have the tracking set to 3% for these lines.

However it seems like CopyFitLine doesn't take the tracking into account when it calculates the font size.

Does anybody know how to accomplish this?

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You need to prepend the <tracking newsize="3"> tag to the text you're copyfitting.


The way to know what tag to use is to open the Resources dialog, click Add, select "Formatted Text" in the Type drop-down, click Edit, type some text, select whatever formatting you want with the controls, or in the Paragraph Formatting dialog, then click OK in the Text Editor dialog, and back in the Resource Editor dialog, click "View Source." This will show you all of the markup that corresponds to the selections you made in the GUI.

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