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Change Array Name in for loop


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I am attempting to build a table based on the following parameters:


  • I have up to 10 appetizers to list
  • There can be any number from 5 to 10
  • The user is setting the sort order (display order) of each item (so I am searching for next sort order, and pushing food listing to arrays titled Food01 - Food10
  • determine last sort order to list in left column (leftLimit)
  • I need to balance the listings across the two columns so that column 1 contains the first 1/2 of the food listings (+1 in cases of odd # of listings) and column 2 contains the second half of the food listings

Once the contents of the arrays are set, I want to use a for loop to call the contents based on following:


for (next = 1; next <= 10; next++)
[indent]if (food01[0] != "") //the "01" should equal next (from loop above)
counter ++;

//add table tags and set cell contents:
//cell[0] = foodNEXT[0]
//cell[1] = foodNEXT + leftLimit[0][/indent]

I am unable to figure out how to iterate the Array name so that I can call the right array at the right time



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Can you show the rest of the code where you're setting up the arrays? It's hard to just figure out one part of it looking through a keyhole.


Anyway, I think you want to create an array of arrays, aka a two-dimensional array, so that you can access each array like Food[0] or Food, and then access elements in each array like Food[0][0] or Food[j]. A table is basically a two-dimensional array like this already, so really you're just using one 2D Array object to represent the data in a 2D table.

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