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Issues with multi-styled fonts


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I have read all the posts I can find here regarding font styles in Fusion Pro and I'm aware that there are limitations when compared to creative suite's handling of type. But I have run into a project which uses 4 different styles of the same font, and I just want to see if there is any way I can get close to those styles.


This is an exerpt from my fonts.ini (I've removed the font locations to make it slightly easier to read here):


Raleway;Raleway-Bold;Bold;1;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-ExtraBold;ExtraBold;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-ExtraLight;ExtraLight;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-Heavy;Heavy;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-Light;Light;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-Medium;Medium;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway;Regular;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;;

Raleway;Raleway-SemiBold;SemiBold;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;

Raleway;Raleway-Thin;Thin;0;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;;


I need to use Raleway ExtraBold, Raleway SemiBold, Raleway Medium and Raleway Regular. By the info in the fonts.ini, it looks like only bold and regular are available. Is that correct?


I just want to make sure I've explored all the options before I tell my client that his fancy font work is a no go.

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Font issues really should go through Support, so that they can analyze the font files. The way this works is different for different fonts, depending, in part, on whether they were designed to be used on both Windows and Mac, specifically, how the font name tables are set up.


You may have better luck with these particular fonts on Mac, but it's hard to say without seeing the fonts, and again, the proprietary font files can't really be posted here on this public forum.

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