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Anyone using JLYT?


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I'm not sure what the question is. JLYT is a VDP-optimized format which combines elements of PDF and PostScript, and shares some features with HP's PPML format. The JLYT emitted by FusionPro may be different than the output from other engines, especially given that JLYT was created by HP and is their proprietary format, and their product could very well be able take advantage of features that are not available to us. And perhaps this is part of the tradeoff that comes with FusionPro's ability to create output in 12 different VDP formats to run all the major digital presses by multiple vendors (as well as emit JPG and HTML for online marketing campaigns), as opposed to a product like SmartStream Designer which is targeted for HP presses. But FusionPro's JLYT output is still valid.


Also, unlike almost all of those other 12 VDP output formats that FusionPro emits, JLYT is not based on a published specification. So if there's an issue with how a RIP consumes, say, PDF or PostScript or AFP or PPML output from FusionPro, we can consult the spec for that format and figure out whether we're doing something incompatible or the RIP is not handling something properly. Likewise, we could consult the spec to see whether there's something we can further optimize. But we don't have the ability to do this with JLYT. It's difficult to even find any information on JLYT, let alone a specification. (Wikipedia doesn't seem to even know that JLYT exists. Even on HP's site, there's not much to be found about it.) So while we would definitely consider enhancements to JLYT, it is a older, proprietary output format, and new standards-based formats like PDF/VT are the future, so we're more likely to focus our efforts there.


Whether JLYT takes more or less time to RIP than other output formats depends on many factors. You might try enabling the SNAP text option, which applies to both JLYT and HP PPML. You might also want to try PDF/VT.

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