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You don't specify what OS or version of InDesign you're running, but I presume you're using InDesign CC on Mac. Because of the development requirements imposed upon us by Adobe as an InDesign plug-in developer, specifically in regards to the different versions of Xcode required to build plug-ins for different versions of InDesign on Mac, and the complexity of having multiple versions of Xcode installed on a machine, we don't include the InDesign CC Mac plug-ins as part of our automated build process. Also, most of the time, the functionality in the InDesign plug-in doesn't change from build to build of the rest of FusionPro VDP. Therefore, the version number of the InDesign CC Mac doesn't get updated with every build of the product. When there is a functional change to the InDesign plug-in, then the version of the plug-in itself will be updated.
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