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Tint spot color on a character

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Is it possible to screen tint variable text at a percentage of a spot color and be able to have it appear on the same separation after composition?


For example, we have a 2-color letterhead that will be reproduced on offset press.


One field is 50% Pantone 289U and another is 100% Pantone 289U. After composition, the 50% spot text and 100% spot text become different separations. (Technically, turning our 2-color business letterhead into a 3-color letterhead.)

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I just realized my text is using 50% of a Pantone. I set up my 50 text boxes using a color created in Fusion Pro using the full 100% CMYK values. I named the color the exact same as the Pantone in the base art. Problem is I want the 50% values out of Fusion Pro using the same Pantone name and appearing to be 50% when looking at the separations since some of the static art is 50% of the Pantone and some of it is 100% of it. Otherwise since they are named the same my text will print at 100%. Is this possible and if so can I do it globally and not have to write a rule for each of my 50 text boxes?



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The span tag has a Shading attribute. If you want to change everything globally you can do something like this in OnRecordStart:


for (var f in FusionPro.Fields)
   var text = '<span color="PANTONE ###" shading="50">' + FusionPro.Fields[f] + '</span>';
   FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable(f, text, true)


It's probably bad form because the span tag is wrapping paragraph tags, but it seems to work okay.





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