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Won't Export VD from InDesign CC


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Indesign CC won't export my fusion pro variable data pdf. When I click "export document" under the FP palette, nothing happens.


I used to be able to run the plugin with no issues until recently. My guess is an update I did to CC a couple weeks ago might have something to do with the problem.


I'm running:

Mac OSX 10.7.5

Adobe Indesign 9.2.2

Fusion Pro 9.2.31 (My Indesign FP palette "about this plugin" says 9.2.29)<--This could be the issue?

Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.7


Any and all help, ideas, suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you

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I haven't done a reinstall yet. That was going to be a last resort I was hoping to avoid. I did install CC 2014 but quickly realized it was incompatible with FP. So I do have CC2014 installed on my Mac on top of CC. That could be the issue but I doubt it.


Looks like I'll have to do a re-install unless anyone has a better idea.

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A couple of things to try before you send up to support:

- make the filename all lowercase, and as short as possible.

- copy the files to your desktop and try to export from there.

- run disk utility / repair permissions

- remove all of the FusionPro preference files


I used to have a similar situation where exporting the PDF seemed to do nothing, since it did not auto open. But the PDF was made, just had to manually open it. I was never able to get it solved, where the PDF would auto open after exporting.

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