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Setting default cost centers per user and not

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Does anyone know if you can set a default cost center for individual users without setting up separate groups for each cost center.

We have a customer who has 8 different groups and about 500 users and there are around 100 cost centers. Our client wants to assign a cost center for each user and hide or make it so they can't change it to another cost center. They said they are getting their sales reps changing the cost center to another one so they don't get charged by their corporate.

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I have it set now to select with default and have the billing page turned off. But the problem is when they get to the confirm page they can click on "change" and change the cost center. Our customer wants to assign a cost center for each user and have them not be able to see any others or have the ability to change it either. Is that possible without creating groups with only one cost center visible?


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I was able to hide the "Change" link on the confirmation page by adding the following CSS to the Footer Copy. This effectively prevents the user from changing the cost center.


<style type="text/css">

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I tried adding the text in Marcom under Portal Branding->Custom Content->

Billing Page - Purchase Order (as well as Billing Page - Credit Card, Confirm Order Page, and the general Footer for the whole site) and nothing changed.

Please advise.


Also where did you get the .css map info to know that we can override #ctl00_content_CartConfirm_CtlCartItemList_CtlCartItemsAlt_ctl02_lnkChangeCostCenter?

I am looking to hide the Cost Center at the line item level so the user can only choose/add 1 cost center from the main dropdown list for 1 cost center for the whole order and not be able to choose different ones at the line item level. Currently, if a user chooses from the main dropdown, it forces the same cost center for all line items. But if a user chooses at the line item level in the cart first instead, then they can choose different cost centers for each line item in the cart.


thanks in advance!


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