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with changing a static background

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We are using FusionPro on a MAC. We start with an Indesign file that has variable information on it. I have everything set up and running great.


My question is how do I change the static background if there is say a logo change without having to start all over setting up the variables and the rules??


I am going through the user guide again to see if I've missed it in there.




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You can make the logo change and export back out of indesign but call it temporary or something. Save from acrobat. Then you can insert the new temporary file into your existing template. You can then copy and paste your text boxes from the existing bc to the new page you inserted and delete the old page.

One thing I have started doing is creating a graphic box and assigning the background to that box so if there were changes you just have to change the image and not the template.

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These are the 2 easiest ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. The longer method will be used when you do not have the FusionPro plugin for InDesign or QuarkXPress.


Quickest Method:

1. Make a backup copy of your FusionPro template.

2. Update your original InDesign file.

3. From InDesign: FusionPro > Export Document... and overwrite your existing file.

4. Variable frames will not be exported. Essentially, your static background will replace the static background of your FusionPro template.


Longer Method:

1. Remove the variable elements from the document and make a PDF. Open it in Acrobat.

2. From Acrobat: FusionPro > Wizard... > Check: Import a data source from another document > Click: Next. Locate the .DEF file of your original FusionPro template. Proceed through the dialog boxes. You just turned the PDF into a FusionPro template with the rules and resources of the original.

3. Import the variable layout, colors and paragraph styles. FusionPro > Advanced > Import... check the appropriate items and locate your original FusionPro template.

4. I suggest collecting the template files when done. FusionPro > Collect...

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If you create a new static PDF you could just import all your Fusion Pro elements doing the following.


Open the new PDF in Acrobat. Go to define data source and use the import data source from another document. Then locate the .def file from the original Fusion Pro template. Then go to advanced and import. Locate your original Fusion Pro template PDF. This will bring in all rules and that original data source. This should be fairly quick and easy.

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