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Copyfit address in one text box


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I have an issue I run into every now and then and I haven't been able to solve it. I'm hoping its an easy fix and i'm just missing something. lol


I have an address block (Name, Address, Address2, City State Zip, Country) set up in one text box. And lines are suppressed if empty.


Normal setup is 12 points for all, but on several records I have a very long name that only fits if it drops to 8 points.


the problem I'm running into is, if I just tell the text box to "overflow: Adjust to fit" it allows the long name to wrap onto 2 or 3 lines, rather than keeping them on one line. I can't reduce the height of the text box because some of my records are 5 or 6 lines tall.


i need the long line to reduce the font size AND stay on the one line AND reduce all the remaining address lines to the same font size.


Any suggestions?


OSX 10.9

VDP 9.2.31

Acrobat 11

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