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PostNet Barcode Rule

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When I make a postnet bar code from the wizard, my finished barcode has a 0 (made with the bars) at the end of every entry. It has 67 bars instead of 62. I just started having this problem . I use Bulk Mailer 5 to do my presort. Using the wizard I select the PostNet Rule and select Delivery Point Barcode in the first drop down box. What do I need to change in the rule?
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Hi Karla, we use bulk mailer 5 as well and instead of running the makebarcode rule I downloaded a font called Satbar directly from Satori's website and just applied the font to the delivery bar code field. One note of caution is that I have had issues with the font with the new release of fusion 5.8 but it worked great with 5.1 and below. Hope that helps.



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That's probably the checksum that the MakePostNetBarcode function is applying. It's a required part of the barcode, according to the standard:




If your data already includes the checksum, then you don't need to call the function to calculate it; you just need to put the data into the barcode font, which is basically what the "PostNet Barcode Rule" template does if you uncheck the "Compute the checksum digit for the barcode" box. Something like this:

return '<f name="AdvPNET">' + Field("PostNetData");

Or you can use a different font if you want, as Rick suggests. But the AdvPNET font installed with FusionPro should work fine.


Remember, though, that the checksum digit is required, so if it's not already in your data, you will need to have the function add it. Also keep in mind that the POSTNET standard is being deprecated in favor of the new Intelligent Mail (aka "OneCode") Barcode standard.

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