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rules question

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Hello all


Im just trying to figure out how to create a rule that changes text to lower case but keeps acronyms in a job title all CAPS.

I have attached a jpg with the example.


The title in french is Spécialiste en services financiers, PME


that info is pulled into the start of the paragraph which I applied a rule applied that changes it the entire Title to lowercase


But I need the PME to remain all caps


any help would be greatly appricated





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I'm not sure why you want to take a proper name and remove all capitalization from it.


Anyway, as for the more general question of how to exempt certain words and phrases from capitalization rules, that's is one of the most frequently asked questions on this forum. Searching this forum for "title case" or "proper case" or "totitlecase" returns lots of threads like this:



Also, things get a bit tricky with JavaScript and Regular Expressions for accented characters outside the Latin-1 (English) range, so it's even harder to come up with a solution that works correctly for your example French string.


However, in your specific case, you might be able to do something like this:

var title = Field("Title"); // e.g. "Spécialiste en services financiers, PME"
return title.replace(/\S+/g, function(word) { return (word == word.toUpperCase()) ? word : word.toLowerCase(); } );

That will leave any whole word that's already in all uppercase alone, and convert everything else to lower-case.

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