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FP VDP Creator & OSX 10.10

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I don't think it's up to PTI. It's up to Apple and when Apple decides to release what PTI needs for development. Dan was pretty clear about that several weeks ago when the Mavericks support was released.

Actually, the helpfulness of his post notwithstanding, jschetterer is correct. We do have access to the Developer Preview of Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite." What I said a few weeks ago was that posting to this forum doesn't necessarily reach anyone here at PTI who makes business decisions about development priorities. (Also, much of the architecture of our GUI is dictated by what Adobe does with Acrobat.) That said, we are already doing preliminary testing of FusionPro 9.2 with 10.10 Yosemite, and I am personally in management's ear about this.


It's my hope that no further changes to our software will be necessary, as I don't expect that any of the new features in Yosemite regarding iOS interoperability will affect older Mac applications. However, Apple likes to throw curveballs at us. Maverick was mostly fine, except for one extra system font they added which used a very unusual (though legal) format, and one API change which broke our Prod Activate app, neither of which seemed to have anything to do with any of the advertised changes or features in Mavericks.


If any problems are found with 10.10, it may take some time for us to re-architect around whatever API changes are made to Mac OS. We will do everything we can to work out these issues before the release of Yosemite, but at this point we don't have any data about what that effort may entail.


Thanks for everyone's patience so far.

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Our initial investigation shows that FusionPro 9.2 seems to work the same way with the Developer Preview of Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" as it does with 10.9 "Mavericks." We'll continue to test with subsequent Developer Previews of 10.10 to see if any new issues arise.
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Since this last post nearly 2.5 months ago, has it been able to be confirmed that the current 9.2.31 version of FusionPro does, indeed, work with Yosemite without issue?

Well, no, not officially, since there is no official release of Yosemite to test against yet. However, our testing with the developer preview turned up no new issues. So unless Apple changes something significant from the dev preview, we expect that FusionPro should work properly with the public release of Yosemite.


The only issue we know of with Yosemite is that the new Gatekeeper rules may block the FusionPro installer, until we update our code signing. This will also be an issue in the upcoming 10.9.5 patch of Mavericks. However, this can be very easily worked around in either of two ways: (1) right-click on the installer, select Open, and then confirm that you want to open it despite it being "from an unknown developer," or (2) go to the Security panel of the System Preferences dialog and allow applications downloaded from "Anywhere" to be installed. Either way, once FusionPro is installed, it should work fine. We will update our code signing in a future release so that FusionPro installs seamlessly on these upcoming versions of OS X, just like it does on existing Mountain Lion and Mavericks machines.

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