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Using Multiple Fonts in a single field


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We are building a business card for a client. It's pretty straightforward except for the fact that we need to use two different fonts to create the card - one for numbers and one for text. In order to control the fonts we need to use JavaScript rules. The fields that are impacted are the street address and email address fields.


Text = MrEavesSanOT

Numbers = MrEavesModOT


PTI supplied this Javascript rule for us to use:


newAddress = '<f name="MrEavesSanOT">' + Field("Address").replace(/(\d+)/g, '<f name="MrEavesModOT">$1</f>'); return newAddress;


It sort of works, but it causes a situation where if a house number is followed by a street number, the numbers concatenate. 777 77th Avenue reads as 77777th Avenue.


They told us to remove </f> after MrEavesModOT. It corrects the concatenation issue. But then causes any text that appears after a number to render as MrEavesModOT. We need text to be rendered as MrEavesSanOT.


I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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I used this in the past. May work.


function replace_helper(match, digits, spaces)
   return '<f name="MrEavesModOT">' + digits + '</f>' +
       Array(spaces.length + 1).join(" ");
return Field("YOURFIELDHERE").replace(/(\d+)(\s*)/g, replace_helper);


Using MrEavesSanOT for your variable field in the text box.

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