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Inline Graphic - Is there padding in the text box to account for?


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I have a product with an inline graphic. I am finding that my 8.5" x 11" image does not fit in an 8.625" x 11.125" text box.


I have found that same file fits in an 8.625" x 14.125" text box.


I also notice that my text box is 8.62" x 11.1" because it cannot have two decimal places when the dimension reaches 3 digits.


I am just looking to confirm my observation that a text box must be at least "0.12" bigger than the dimension of the image inserted inline within it.


Otherwise, do you know of any other reason this might be happening?


Thank you,


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An inline graphic is basically typeset as text, as if the graphic were just another character/glyph on the line (i.e. "inline") with other text. But the text frame containing the "line" of text has to be large enough to handle things like descenders for lower-case letters (like "p" and "g"), even though descenders don't apply to inline graphics, and even if there is not actually any text on the line (in the frame). That's why you need a bit of extra space.


However, exactly how much extra space you need depends upon the character and paragraph attributes in effect (again, even if no actual text is typeset). So if you, say, set the point size of the text to 1, you probably will be able to make a text frame whose only content is an inline graphic a bit smaller than if the text attributes are set to the defaults for a new text frame.


Exactly what problem is this causing you? You should able to make the frame large enough to handle whatever graphic you're trying to put in it, without affecting anything else in the output. Or, maybe you can use a graphic frame instead.

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Thanks Dan. That seems to make sense.


I am making a very general product that allows users to choose page size and upload a graphic up to 250 pages. The product uses inline graphic with overflow enabled to create the number of pages uploaded in the pdf at the size selected from a drop down.


I've done a little testing and it seems the padding needed is somewhere greater than 0.1" and less than or equal to 0.12".


I just wanted to make sure that this is supposed to happen. Otherwise I was concerned there was something wrong with my inline graphic rule, that I would have to adjust. Seems like it is supposed to happen though.


Thanks for the help.

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