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Changing font with CopyFit


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Instead of changing the size of a font when text doesn't fit a box I am looking to change the font. Is this possible using the CopyFit or some other function?


Currently I'm working on a business card and instead of making the already small type smaller our client wants to change the font from Helvetica Neue to Helvetica Neue Condensed.

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Are you trying to do full-flow copyfitting, where you click the "Adjust text to fit" box in the Overflow Options dialog? Or are you trying to do single-line copyfitting, with the CopyfitLine function?


If you're doing full-flow copyfitting, you can do something like this in the OnCopyfit rule:

if (!Copyfit(new MagnifyAttributes("text", 25, 400, 6, 72)))
        FusionPro.Composition.CurrentFlow.content = '<span font="Helvetica Neue Condensed">' + FusionPro.Composition.CurrentFlow.content + '</span>';
        ReportWarning("Could not copyfit text in flow " + 

If you're doing single-line copyfitting, you can use an alternative function to CopyfitLine, like a variant on my better CopyfitLine function, something like this:

function CopyfitLine_Condense(line, widthInPoints)
   var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
   if (tm.messages)
     ReportError("CopyfitMagnifyLine: " + tm.messages);

   if (tm.textWidth < widthInPoints*100 &&)
     return line;
   return '<span font="Helvetica Neue Condensed">' + line + '</span>';

Where, as with the CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag function, you'll need to specify the original font and point size with tags.

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