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Sales Order Emails - Required Date

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Every sales order notification email that comes in lists a Required Date at the bottom under Shipping Method. This date appears on the purchase order email too.


The sales order reads as follows:



Shipping Method: UPS Ground

Price: $33.00

Required Date: 4/16/2014

Shipping Instructions: Must arrive the morning of 4/25/2014


Where does this date come from? Is there a way for the user to change it?


This is causing some confusion during production because it always shows one day following the order date which is not necessarily a deadline. The user in the example above entered special instructions containing a separate date.

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Required date is established when the "Lead Time" is defined for each Price record. This is intended to indicate the number of business days from order to completion (ready to ship), but does not include the shipping time frame.


To edit this value, you must have MarcomCentral administrator rights.


Hope this helps

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There is no way to turn off the required date on the Order Notification email. Product Development is working on a new email customization feature that could potentially address this, but it is very early in the process so I do not know for certain.

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