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Crop marks vary in identical jobs


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Okay, thanks for posting the sample. It composed it to PDF, but I don't see what the problem is. The marks seem to be in the correct position as defined by the job settings.


Can you clarify the problem? Is it that you're seeing crop marks in different places in the output of the job you posted? If so, please be more specific about where these differences are. Or is it that there's another "identical" job which composes differently, as the title of the thread suggests? If it's the latter, then I also need to see that other "identical" job to compare to this one. Actually, in either case, I probably need to see the actual output you've composed (or at least one page of it; I probably don't need 100 output page).


In your original post, you say:

After printing the crop marks vary anywhere from 1.85" to 1.8546".

How exactly are you determining this? Are you measuring from the edge of the page to the marks on the printed output?


I guess I would need to see two output files and evidence that the marks on them are actually in different positions in the file itself. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to look at, and I also have no evidence that it's not simply a problem with your printer.


Also, in my previous post, I asked what output format you're composing to, and what press/RIP you're using to print it. That's important information.

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Sorry I was late in posting the edit. It was noticed at the cutter, so I opened the pdf and confirmed it. I measured from crop to crop using the pitstop measuring tool.

Measured what exactly? Can you be more specific about exactly which marks on which page of which output file? A screenshot of exactly what you're seeing in Pit Stop may be helpful.

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