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Rule for Phone Tags, Phone Numbers and Phone Separators


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Please help. I'm trying to write a rule that does the following:

  1. Add Mobile tag if Mobile Number populated
  2. Add Office tag if Office Number is populated
  3. Add a seperator (2 spaces + | + 2 spaces if both numbers are populated

I started with rules for the tags and a rule to add the separator if both numbers are populated. When I did this, it was only adding 1 space.

Rule 1

if (Rule("RuleFormatMobile") == "")
return "";
return 'M: ';

Rule 2

if (Rule("RuleFormatOffice") == "")
return "";
return 'O: ';

Rule 3

if (Rule("RuleFormatMobile") == "")
return "";
else if (Rule("RuleFormatOffice") == "")
return "";
return ' | ';


Alex suggested the following yesterday:

if (Rule("RuleFormatMobile") && Rule("RuleFormatOffice") !=”” ) //if both these fields are not empty…

return “ ”+ “ ” + “ | “ + Rule("RuleFormatMobile") +  “ ”+ “ ” +  Rule("RuleFormatOffice");


I couldn't figure out how to make this work and do what I need it to do. Can someone help?

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