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Copyfit working inconsistently


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I have two FusionPRo files, where everything is identical except for the document size and background image. The main text flows over two boxes and is adjusted to fit. But the text breaks differently in the two documents, even though the layout is identical.


I used FusionPro --> Advanced --> Import to duplicate the styles, layout and colors from the first file to the second. There should be no reason for the text to break inconsistently from one file to the other.


What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe the legacy leading setting is different? From the Text Editor, click on Paragraph, then on Global Settings. Compare all the settings between the two documents.


Another thing to check is the "Limit processing to Mac Roman/Latin-1" box on the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog.


You could also export the Format (DIF) file for each job and compare them.

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